Can Solar Systems Cause Leaks?

You may already know the many benefits of using solar panels for your home. You may have done your research and read all about the three types of solar panels and power systems in our other blog. But perhaps you are reluctant to install some on your home because you’re worried they may cause leaks on your roof.


It is a valid concern, especially considering that installing solar panels would require drilling into your roof. Damaging your roof during the installation process is a plausible concern, and understandably, you would want to prevent yourself from having to spend more money to fix potential roof leaks.


But can home solar power systems cause leaks? The experts say home solar systems do not cause roofs to leak per se. However, homeowners can experience roof leaks after installing solar systems on their roofs due to poor or improper installation.


How can you prevent your roofs from leaking after installing home solar systems?


Since roof leaking after solar panel installations often happen only because of poor installation, the best way to prevent it is to work with licensed and experienced professionals who can install solar panels without damaging roofs or voiding warranties.


Lucky for you, there are roofing experts like JBL Roofing & Construction that can handle solar panel installations professionally. They can assess your roof and adjust their installation process accordingly. Installers from JBL Roofing & Construction know the best way to mount the brackets holding the roof panels, securing them right into the rafters and “flashing” around the bolts to ensure proper installation without causing leaks.


Doing your homework to find dependable solar panel installers is paramount to protecting your home from leaks and damage. Thus, do not take your chances. Trust only experts like JBL Roofing & Construction for your solar system installation.


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