Is Hail or High Wind Worse for Roofs?

Having a sturdy roof above your head is one of the most critical steps for ensuring your safety, especially when you live in areas where the weather constantly changes. Both hail and high winds can cause substantial damage to your roof. But in case you wonder which of the two is worse, we’re breaking down what kind of damage each of these two can do to your roofs.


Roof Damage by High Wind

The immediate threat with high winds is missing shingles. High winds can weaken your roof by exposing the underlayment, causing some shingles to fold, or completely blowing them off. Once a few shingles go missing, it creates a domino effect that worsens the roof damage.


Hail Damage to Roofs

Unlike the more noticeable wind damage, hail damage is sneaky. Hail can hit the ridge, and hailstones of considerable sizes can puncture holes in your roof or gutters. It can also bruise your shingles, allowing moisture to penetrate and cause less obvious but severe damage to your roof. Because hail damages can be more challenging to detect and they progress over time, they are probably worse for your roof.


Whether it is hail, high winds, or even heavy rains that make you suspect roof damage, it is always a great idea to do a roof inspection to detect issues and address them as soon as possible. Lucky for you, JBL Roofing and Construction can diagnose your roof, repair roof damage, and reduce risks. Visit their website at to schedule an inspection right away.

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