Roof Repair After A Storm

We have our roofs to thank for protecting us from all kinds of weather. It is critical to keep our roof in tip-top condition, and it is imperative to repair any damage caused by severe weather as quickly as possible to prevent them from getting worse. But homeowners who live in areas frequented by storms know that when a storm comes and passes, the damage it causes to our roofs may not always be easy to spot. You can read this blog about the five common roof damages after a storm to give you some ideas, but it could still be challenging.


And because few things could be worse than failing to detect and address roof issues and suffering the consequences of roof damages getting worse, it is best to get as much help as you can. Contact a roofing contractor like JBL Roofing & Construction to come up, inspect your roof, and inform you about any necessary roof repair after a storm.

How Roofing Contractors Assess Roof Damage After A Storm

A licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced roofing contractor like JBL Roofing & Construction, serving Northeast Ohio for over 20 years, has trained eyes for inspecting roofs and assessing damages. When you visit and fill out the forms to commission them to check or do roof repairs after a storm for you, you can expect that they will deploy their team immediately to respond to your needs.

Their team typically takes a ground-up approach to assessing roof damage after storms.

They will check your yard for any shingles blown off on the ground. Even one missing shingle could mean water will find a way inside your home in times of rain, so it’s a must to fix them.

Some damages like broken seals, fractures, and creases that contribute to water saturation in your homes are often not visible from ground level, so you need their keen eyes to spot them.

They’ll inspect your home’s sidings for any signs of it being pulled or buckled out because those are signs that the wind got there and tore them. Tears and buckles on flashing are also not a good sign.

They will also check for dents and damages to gutters and downspouts, as well as other signs of leaks and water or hail damage.


Remember that proper roof repair after a storm cannot happen without a thorough inspection of the entirety of the damage. For roof repair done right, trust only the experts at JBL Roofing & Construction.

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